With over 20 years experience in the high pressure cleaning equipment business, Derotek Cleaning Equipment, based in Polokwane – Limpopo Province, offers you the very best in International Cleaning Technology, providing the complete cleaning solution for every application with Kränzle high pressure cleaners.

Derotek take pride in the quality of the Kränzle high pressure cleaners they supply. Kränzle high pressure cleaners are aimed at the professional and domestic market and strive to offer features that are beneficial to the customer.

Kränzle elecrically heated high pressure cleaners are the popular choice for abattoirs, hospitals, the food processing industry, car & truck washing operations and mining industry.

Kränzle has revolutionised the high pressure industry with the introduction of the Kranzle Electra – a technologically advanced machine ideally suited to South African conditions, in particular the mining and food processing industries as it creates no fumes.

The Kränzle Electra stationary hotwater high pressure cleaning system is different in that it has the ability to heat water after it has traversed the pump, effectively protecting the pump seals and significantly extending the life span of both pump and seals.

The Kränzle Electra has already revealed cost savings of up to 80% on maintenance. That is why when you purchase commercial pressure washers from Derotek you can rest assured that you are getting durable, reliable, and high quality products that will last.

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